The Important Role Of Medical Education Consultants

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The Important Role Of Medical Education Consultants

The team at Renaissance Education takes our role as medical education consultants very seriously. We do not work from the point of view that all student should simply choose a career path and follow it, but that the career path should be one that inspires the student to the be the best that he or she can be throughout life.


The role of medical education consultants is very important for any student in India wishing to obtain an MBBS/MD abroad. These are the experts in medical schools and academic programs that will work directly with the students and the family to allow those dreams of a medical career to come to fruition.


What to Consider


There are a lot of firms and companies working as medical consultants to help students to study abroad. However, many of these firms are not experts in the medical field, but rather are generalists that offer support for many different academic disciplines.


Obtaining an MBBS or MD, the term used in the United States and some other countries is very different than obtaining an engineering degree. It is a longer program of study, with most students completing the academic component in 5 years when completing the study abroad. This will provide students with both a BS as well as the MBBS.


Understanding the requirements of the MCI as well as ability to transfer to a US-based hospital for residency will be critical. Without this component, the consultants are not able to provide the accurate information that students and families will need.


Our partners at Renaissance Education include doctors, educational consultants, admissions offices of colleges as well as Qualified Education Agent Counsellors. This expertise and training allow students and families to have full confidence in our understanding of academic programs and residency requirements, providing information that is accurate, up to date and specific to the student.


To learn more about the services offered through our Renaissance Education medical education consultants, call us today at (+91) 98989 17761.

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