Student Life

Spartan Health Science University,School of Medicine is not only committed to excellence in education but also to the support of its students starting from registration to graduation and beyond. SHSU places the utmost importance on community and collaboration between students, faculty, staff and administration. The University works to achieve this togetherness through appreciation of our diverse cultures, traditions, and personalities. Office of Student Services provides support to new, current, and past students through various avenues.

Faculty Advising

Each student is assigned a faculty advisor at the time of registration. This faculty member is available to students for a variety of needs including academic counselling, support, and guidance throughout the basic science program. Once students move into clinical sciences, they are assigned to a Clinical Faculty as their advisor for the remainder of the MD program. Clinical Advisors as well as the Dean of Clinical Sciences are available to the students to discuss residency options, specialties, and other clinical matters.

Student Health Insurance

Spartan has made it mandatory for its students to have Health Insurance which is offered on Orientation Day. It costs 97 US$ per trimester (4 months). Additionally, students may purchase an Air Ambulance plan which provides helicopter evacuation to a Miami hospital if deemed medically necessary. General Health Insurance plans are also available to students and more detailed information is presented on Orientation Day.


The people of St. Lucia are friendly, welcoming, and always willing to help. St. Lucia has one of the lowest crime rates in all of the Caribbean and Vieux Fort is a quiet, small town where there are rarely any problems with crime. There is also security on-campus during hours of operation. Students who exercise caution and common sense should not have any problems with crime in St. Lucia.


St. Lucia is fondly known as the Princess of Caribbean and the economy of the country chiefly depends on Tourism. It has been ranked the best tourist destination in the world since last fifteen years .Any increase in crime would hit the tourism sector and the locals are really careful that there is no crime whatsoever so as to attract tourists from across the globe.


St. Lucia uses 220 Volts therefore adapters and converters are required for all appliances using 110 Volts. Converters and adapters can be purchased on the island.

Money and Banking

Local currency in St. Lucia is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC$), which has a fixed exchange rate of EC $2.67 = US $1.00. US dollars and major credit cards are widely accepted at most grocery stores and restaurants.


There are several bank branches near the campus. We would help the students in opening their bank account.

Restaurants and Food

Local fare in St. Lucia includes fish, chicken, beef, rice, plantains, potatoes, breadfruit, and othervegetables. St. Lucia also offers a wide variety of international cuisine including Caribbean, Indian, South Indian, Italian, American, Chinese, Creole, Vegetarian and Fast Food. There are several restaurants near the University where students can go for lunch or dinner. Many local restaurants also deliver to the campus or to student housing.


Renaissance Education is also elated to offer its own food option in St. Lucia. We have sent a Gujarati Chef to St. Lucia who cooks mouth-watering &onlypure vegetarian Gujarati & North Indian delicacies.

South Indian Meal Plan is also available with non vegetarian option as well.


Super J’s is the major grocery store in St. Lucia. There are two large grocery stores in Vieux Fort, one is located adjacent to the campus and the other is nearby the student housing. The University is located adjacent to a local mall with a variety of stores including clothing, shoes, bookstore, pharmacy, electronics, house wares, and appliances. There are also several other shopping areas and malls around the island.

There are several bank branches near the campus. We would help the students in opening their bank account.


SHSU Housing Committee is a sub-committee of the Admission Committee  of the University, which is chaired by the Assistant Dean of Admissions. It ensures that suitable accommodation is available for all students upon arrival on the Island.


There are specific requirements and safety standards that all houses/apartments rented to Spartan students must meet. The housing committee inspects all houses/apartments before they are rented out to our students. All of the houses/apartments are fully furnished and have wireless internet, cable TV, hot and cold water, AC and/or fan.


Most of the apartments are located within close proximity to the university (approximately 10 minutes walking distance), and most landlords either live in a nearby house, or live in one part of the building and rent the other part. This is convenient as they are easily accessible should the student need some assistance. It further ensures the students’ safety.Most apartments are located near several other SHSU student residences, often on the same street.


Each student will be given the opportunity to list housing preferences on the Housing Application.


Renaissance Education is also elated to offer its own Hostel option. All the rooms in the Renaissance Education Hostel are fully furnished with facilities like Modular Kitchen with appliances & dishes, TV, Refrigerator, Oven, Cable, Internet, Cleaning Lady, Laundry Service, Bed Linens, etc.


Two buses operate at Spartan Health Sciences University. All University arranged transportation of students, staff, and faculty is free of charge.


The first bus is the official bus for the transportation of students from their apartments to school and dropped back at their apartments at the end of classes from Monday – Friday. The University bus is also used for the transportation of students to off-campus University activities such as Community Health Fairs organized by the Spartan Chapter of the American Medical Students Association, the White Coat Ceremony for new students, Farewell Ceremony organized at a hotel for students who have completed the basic sciences program and moving into the clinical sites, among others. Additional usage of the bus is for administrative purposes which include; airport pick-ups of University guests and new students, transportation of new students to open bank accounts among other service, and Island Tours etc.


The second is a private owned bus which is contracted by the University to provide night transportation for students from the school’s library to their apartments. This bus operates every single day from Monday – Sunday. There are two departure times from the Library, 9:45pm and 11:45pm. All students using the night bus must be at the front of the school at least ten minutes before the above departure times. The Library closes at 11:50pm. This second bus may also be used for some of the above services provided by the school official bus should the need arise.


*NOTE: For the safety of our students, it is the policy of Spartan University, that no student walks home after Library hours or at night. This bus is there to provide night transportation for every student.



The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) is a national organization representing more than 35,000 physicians-in-training. U.S. citizens in international medical schools are eligible for affiliate membership in AMSA. AMSA offers a number of exceptional benefits and services:

The New Physician AMSA magazine focuses on social and political issues of concern to physicians-in-training

Discounts on books, such as the CIBA collection of medical illustrations

NOVARTIS Clinical Symposia

Group Insurance Plans – health, life disability, auto and tenants

Master Card Program – employment related HIV supplemental income protection and Spring Service

Revolving Line of Credit

Discount Travel

Career Planning Publications

Conferences and Workshops

The Spartan AMSA is a chapter the national AMSA. Spartan AMSA executive officers are also elected every trimester, and they organize numerous community outreach events such as; fund raising to support underprivileged families or people within the local community. They also organize a number of health fairs where the students screen for diabetes and hypertension (two conditions that are highly prevalent in the local population). The students also offer medical advice to attendees regarding prevention of hypertension and diabetes. Individuals with abnormal screening test, are referred to the hospital or a doctor. Each trimester, the initiation of the Spartan AMSA activities, is celebrated with a BORN FIRE and a BBQ event organized by the AMSA executive members. With the Spartan AMSA activities, we intend to contribute toward improving the health status of St. Lucians, as well as instill in our students, the caring and humanitarian character of the medical profession.


The Spartan Students Association (SSA) is the main on campus students’ organization that represents the overall student body. The SSA executive officers are elected each trimester as well as each class representative. They liaise with the administration of the school to meet the needs of the students.


The SSA is also responsible for organizing numerous students’ functions such as the Welcome back BBQ, which is organized at the end of the first week of each trimester, the Taste of Spartan which is the major on-campus school event, and takes place at mid-trimester. ‘The Spartan games’ is another event that takes place towards the end of the trimester. The SSA also has a snack store with two local employees, where snacks are sold to students. The funds collected from the store and the SSA dues, are used to fund all SSA functions. The SSA also supports the Spartan AMSA in organizing numerous community outreach programs.


The White Coat Ceremony

The White Coat Ceremony is an esteemed event for the incoming trimester whereupon there is an “invitation” into the Spartan Health Sciences University family and the medical field. Those in attendance come to honor and welcome first trimester students to Spartan, consisting of both returning students and faculty. The ceremony is followed by a delicious meal that is frequently followed by an “after” party.

Born Fire/Welcome BBQ

The initiation of the Spartan AMSA humanitarian events for each trimester is celebrated at the beginning of each trimester with a BONFIRE and BBQ event organized by the AMSA executive members. This usually takes place on the second Friday of each trimester at a nearby beach “Sandy Beach”.

Taste Of Spartan

The cultural diversity of Spartan Medical School adds up to its uniqueness. This is particularly observed every trimester during an on-campus major school event called “The Taste of Spartan”. It exemplifies our differences in culture and shows the family bond we have achieved over the past thirty three (33) years, and the harmony in which we coexist during our pursuit of professional careers. The event shows how our efforts as a group surpass our individual undertaking. During this event, students, staff, faculty, and their family members showcase their talents in either cooking, or performing on stage in their respective traditional attires. It is a night of varieties of food and entertainment. The cultural outfits represent countries from Africa to Europe, from America to Asia, and the Caribbean.

Spartan Games

A series of sports competitions are organized during the course of one week. The games include Basketball, Volleyball, Table and Lawn tennis, Pool, Foosball, Weight lifting, Chess, etc. The competitions are either between classes or individual groups. Winners are presented with awards at the end of the competitions. This event is also organized by the SSA.

Boat Trip

The Island tour or boat ride is organized by the SSA executive once a trimester. It gives students the opportunity to explore the beauties of St. Lucia so that they have something more to say about this beautiful Island apart from their experiences at Spartan medical school. The tour includes site seeing, a visit to the Piton mountains (world heritage site), the Sulphur Springs (the world’s only walk-in volcano), the diamond waterfalls, swimming, snorkeling, etc.

Spartan Health Fair

Spartan’s Health Fair is a free health screening event, open to the local community of St. Lucia. The event is held few times per semester and is put together by members of the AMSA (American Medical Students Association). Numerous students and faculty members participate in these health and prevention efforts.

Completion Of Basic Sciences

This is the official farewell ceremony for our students (out-going fifth trimester students) who have completed the basic sciences program. The ceremony usually takes place at one of the Luxurious hotels or resorts on the Island. It begins with an official ceremony, which is followed by a buffet dinner. The out-going students also get the opportunity to spend that night at the hotel/resort. Invited guests to this ceremony include, parents and friends of the outgoing students, prominent individuals from the private sector, and government officials.

Heart Beat Journal

The Heartbeat is our Spartan students’ newsletter. It is edited and published by students with focuses on keeping the University community informed about student activities, issues in medicine, developments of particular concern to medical student, academic changes and regulations, administrative announcements, and stories related to Spartan students life. Everyone of invited to contribute to the current issue, but the published material is entirely at the discretion of the editor.


Latest Journal hyper link to

Grievances and Complaints

Students are encouraged to address any concerns or complaints in a suitable manner to the appropriate department of the University. Faculty members, advisors, Deans, and administration are available to students by appointment to discuss any concerns or problems.