Academic Information

Five (05) Year MD (MBBS) Program for 12th(10+2) Students

A rewarding program designed for highly motivated and qualified high school graduates and other prospective students seeking a change in career that integrates undergraduate level of Pre-Medical studies with graduate level Medical Education. Five year integrated Doctor of Medicine program starts at undergraduate level of studies in foundational building Pre-Medical courses, taken over duration of four semesters. On successful completion with satisfactory performance, the student automatically matriculates into the regular Medical Program at the Basic Medical Sciences level.


The course work of the Pre-Medical program in 16 months will include:


General Chemistry (with lectures &labs)

General Physics (with lectures & labs)

Biology(with lectures & labs)

Organic Chemistry or Biochemistry (with lectures & labs)



Statistics & Probability

Introduction to Anatomy

Introduction to Physiology

Introduction to Histology

Introduction to Genetics/Biochemistry

Introduction to Microbiology/Immunology

Medical Terminology

Introduction to Psychology


Students would get a 142 credit hour BS Degree at the end of successful completion of this phase.


Grand Total for Pre-Med Phase : 16 Months

Spartan Health Sciences University, School of Medicine offers a four-year (40 calendar months) academic program leading to the Doctor of Medicine degree (M.D.), and is taught on a trimester (four months) schedule.


The curriculum of the University’s Doctor of Medicine degree program encompasses a comprehensive course of Basic Sciences, Pre-clinical, bridging curriculum and Clinical Sciences that is four (4) academic years. The trimester period commences in January, May, and September of each year. A student may elect to enter in any one of the three (3) trimesters


The five trimesters of the Basic Science program is an integrated presentation of the following:

Basic medical sciences include Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Behavioral Sciences, Pharmacology, and Pathology.

Pre- clinical didactics include General Introduction to Medicine and Physical Diagnosis. Didactic lectures in Internal Medicine, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Obstetrics/Gynaecology and Surgery.

A bridging curriculum is introduced for integration of Basic Sciences into Clinical Sciences.

The Clinical Science program consist of five (5) trimesters and is committed to broad exposure in the major clinical disciplines of Internal Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, and Psychiatry.


The Bridging Curriculum consists of series of problem solving exercises and clinical case studies, some in small groups settings, intertwined with the Basic Sciences and Introduction to clinical sciences. Students will apply acquired basic science knowledge to pre- clinical science topics using critical decision making techniques.


They will also engage in a sequential process involving:

Acquisition and presentation of medical knowledge

Data Interpretation

Problem Analysis

Guided and self-directed learning activities

Application of New Knowledge

The challenges of increased demands in the clinical curriculum and the emphasis on the integration of basic and clinical data in modern medical education necessitate the addition of a fifth trimester to the existing on-island curriculum. The inclusion of a fifth trimester with an organ-system review and expansion of the basic-clinical sciences interrelationships will better prepare our students for their clinical experiences and U.S.M.L.E. examinations.


Organ system review of the basic sciences in the fifth trimester will prepare students to meet the challenges facing modern medical education.

Curriculum for Four Year MD Program

Basic Medical Sciences

The Basic Sciences courses shall be offered during the first five trimesters.
Course offering will be as follows:

Anatomy I

Medical Physiology I

Biochemistry I


DPR & Medical Ethics

Anatomy II (Head & Neck)

Medical Physiology II

Biochemistry II & Genetics

Neuroanatomy I

Microbiology I

Public Health & Epidemiology

Medical Pharmacology I

Pathology I

Microbiology II

Behavioral Sciences I

Neuroanatomy II

Physical Diagnosis & Clinic visits

Medical Pharmacology II

Pathology II

Introduction to Clinical Medicine I

Behavioral Science II

Essentials of Clinical Sciences

Introduction to Clinical Medicine II

Grand Total for Basic Science Phase : 20 Months

Clinical Sciences

Clinical Phase Outline


Clinical clerkship shall mean a supervised educational experience, which is part of the clinical component of the medical education program that will take place in a teaching hospital acceptable to the University


Basic Required Core Clerkships (66 weeks)

Internal Medicine (12 weeks)

Obstetrics & Gynaecology (8 weeks)

General Surgery (8 weeks)

**Surgical Sub-specialty (12 weeks)

Paediatrics (6 weeks)

Family Medicine (6 weeks)

Psychiatry (6 weeks)

Radiology (4 weeks)

Clinical Pathology (4 weeks)

**Must include a minimum of three (3) or a maximum of five (5) from the following surgical electives:


Geriatric Medicine




Orthopaedic Surgery

Paediatric Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Thoracic Surgery

Vascular Surgery


Emergency Medicine including Trauma

ELECTIVES: 14 weeks


Student must complete a minimum of four (4) electives before he or she can graduate. They must be a minimum of three (3) weeks in duration and NOT to exceed more than six (6) weeks.

Electives must be drawn from the following list and must meet these criteria:

Family Medicine

Forensic Medicine

Geriatric Medicine


Internal Medicine:-

- Cardiology

- Dermatology

- Endocrinology

- Gastroenterology

- Haematology

- Infectious Diseases

- I.C.U./Critical Care

- Neurology

- Oncology

- Pulmonary Medicine

- Rheumatology




Occupational Medicine

Orthopaedic Surgery



Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine



Surgical electives e.g. Anaesthesiology, E.R., Trauma, etc.

* Students are not permitted to do any rotation that is less than three (3) weeks in duration.


Grand Total for Clinical Science Phase: 80 Weeks