Planning To Study MBBS In America: 3 Key Factors To Consider

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Planning To Study MBBS In America: 3 Key Factors To Consider

Renaissance Education works with Spartan Health Science University (SHSU) in St. Lucia in the West Indies to offer students in India the opportunity to study MBBS in America. This is a specialized, medical university that is outside of the continental United States, so it is welcoming to international students without the restrictions of the Schools of Medicine in state run Universities in the USA.


Our Expertise and Focus


Our relationship with SHSU allows our medical education counselors to have a very good understanding of what students can expect in the areas of academics, student life, training benefits and opportunities after graduation from the program.


While many families in India want the child to study MBBS in America, we believe it is important for the student to also have this as his or her goal. This is a very rigorous and challenging degree to pursue, and it can be difficult even for those most committed to becoming doctors.


There are three important factors to consider when considering the option to study MBBS in America. These will need to be weighed by the family as well as the student before determining if this is the correct choice.


Time Away


The course of study for students attending SHSU will be five years plus the residency. Typically, most students will visit their home, or the family will visit the student over holidays and between school semesters, but this will involve additional travel costs.


Social Life and Academics


Studying for the MBBS is demanding, but that doesn’t mean students will not have a social life. Renaissance Education and the student organizations offer sponsored events throughout the year for students to explore the island, try out new things and to interact with each other.


We will assist students in settling into the apartment and getting to know the island upon their arrival. This is a very safe community and area, which is often a concern for parents when their child is studying abroad.




At Renaissance Education, we provide information to the family about the cost of completing this program of study. While lower cost than private colleges in India, it is a financial challenge for many families. We will work with the family to understanding all fees and costs, helping everyone to make the decision. To find out the latest in financial information, give us a call at (+91) 98989 17761.

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