The Essential Components For Medical Study In America

Medical Study in America

For many students in India, as well as many parents, completing a medical study in America is a professional goal that is of significant importance. Obtaining medical education in America offers opportunities for young doctors to return home, to continue to practice in the United States or to even travel abroad in the medical profession.


At Renaissance Education, we recognize the importance of assisting students before, during and after the application process to be able to go abroad to study in the United States. Unlike in India or many other countries, students will be traveling to study MD or a Medical Doctor degree instead of the more familiar MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) granted in India.


Our Support


Completing your medical education in America starts with the application process. It will be essential for our medical education consultants to work closely with the student to evaluate their individual professional and career goals. From this point, we will match students with the best programs of medical study in America for the student to meet his or her own unique goals.


We will work closely with the student throughout the application process and ensure the documentation and application are submitted to meet all requirements of the University. Our team will verify with the International Credential Evaluating Service that all of the coursework completed will meet the requirements of the program of study selected.


Additionally, we will also help the student prepare for the all-important personal interview to study MD programs in the United States. After acceptance, we will assist the student and the family with travel, settling in and being comfortable in the new location, as well as preparing students for life away from home and in a foreign country.