Attending Medical Colleges In America

Medical Colleges in America

In many countries around the world, the first part of your professional career will be in obtaining a, MBBS or Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery degree. Medical colleges in the USA use a different terminology and students will complete their MD program.


There are other differences between medical colleges in America and programs of study in your home country. Understanding these differences and being prepared for the challenges will be essential for any student to be prepared, knowledgeable and able to choose the best course of study to achieve their career goals in the medical field.


While there is information online about medical colleges in America, it is often outdated, inaccurate or simply incorrect. At Renaissance Education, we work directly with students to prepare them not only for their academic program when they choose to attend medical colleges in the USA but through the complexities of the application process, preparing to live abroad during their studies and knowing what to expect culturally.


The Renaissance Education Difference


At Renaissance Education, we not only understand what students will need to complete to apply for medical colleges in the USA, but we also have the ability to provide direct, one-on-one counseling and coaching services for the students.


We have a complete understanding of the different medical colleges in America and how these colleges will match with the specific professional and education goals of the student. This allows our team of medical education consultants to correctly advise the student on the best schools, the best programs of study and the best options for their future.


Renaissance Education provides practical support as well as plays an advisory role. We will assist with passports, eligibility certificates, documents and to ensure your coursework completed to date fulfills the requirements of the medical school. This is essential to avoid delays in processing your application and to allow you to get started on your future.