MBBS Abroad

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Interested in Getting an MBBS Abroad?

Becoming a medical doctor requires you to attend medical school. While many people seek out their MBBS in the continental United States, there are other options. If you’ve been thinking about the opportunity to study an MBBS in an abroad location, Renaissance Education has the solution you’ve been looking for.We help individuals interested in becoming a doctor apply for medical school in St. Lucia, giving them the education they require in a beautiful location.

An Equivalent Alternative

Whether an individual has been unable to get admitted to a medical school in the United States or they prefer getting their education elsewhere, seeking an MBBS in an abroad location can be the perfect alternative. This degree is the equivalent of an MD in the US, giving individuals the opportunity to work as a medical doctor when they are done, just as if they have completed their education and training in America, rather than abroad. You don’t have to worry about whether the degree will carry over.

We Help You Prepare

You may have plenty of questions when it comes to the opportunity to study your MBBS in an abroad location. We can answer any questions you may about the process, as well as help guide you through the process so you can be approved to attend for the duration of your education. We understand how difficult it can be to study abroad and want to make it as easy as possible.