Assistance To Obtain Your MBBS In America

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Assistance To Obtain Your MBBS In America

Applying to start your MBBS in India is a challenge, even for students who have been researching the process for several years. As there are both private and government schools, there are options within the country.


However, for many students not attending the government programs, an option to consider is so to complete the MBBS in America. Taking your educational program in St. Lucia, which offers an American style MD rather than the equivalent India MBBS, offers several advantages over completing your course of study within the country.


At Renaissance Education, our goal is to work with students in India with an interest in obtaining their MBBS in America. We focus on 10+2 students planning to attend medical school in St. Lucia, which is in the West Indies. Completing this training will make it easier for students to complete residency requirements and to be certified as doctors within the United States.


How We Help


The focus at Renaissance Education is to work with the students to determine their interest and passion for the medical field. This is done through one-on-one, free medical education counseling that helps students to determine if this is the right choice for their professional careers.


Then, once it is determined the student and the family that an MBBS in America is the best choice, we being to work with the student to ensure the application process goes smoothly. This includes obtaining the necessary documents for the application, including an eligibility certificate from MCI and verifying all transcripts and documents are available to match those required by the school we work with, which is Spartan Health Science University.


Our team will also work with students throughout the application process and beyond. Assisting in transitioning to life abroad while also supporting the family to visit, attend special ceremonies and to understand all aspects of your academic choice is also our specialization, just call us at (+91) 98989 17761 for more information.

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