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Spartan Health Science University Saint Lucia

Mission, Vision & Philosia

Education is a bridge between the potentiality and the actuality. Education is to help you to become that which you are only in a seed form.

10. I recently enrolled in an MS Program for the USA through Renaissance and I’m excited to get started, this is just the beginning of my journey into medicine! This has been the best education consultation I’ve had and it’s only the beginning.

Aviraj Chauhan

received Medical Studies in the USA that have ensured I understand everything I need to know, including SPs in the curriculum. Thank you, Renaissance, for giving me all of the information and tools I need to attend an established university like Spartan so I can earn my medical degree.

Ashish Patel

8. The MBBS Courses USA I took at Spartan Health Science University gave me the knowledge I needed to prepare for the United States Medical Licensing Examination. Couple that with being able to learn within an actual hospital in the U.S. and I feel ready to start my career as a licensed physician.

Jay Sheth

Renaissance Education has guided me through the duration of earning my MD in the USA. No matter what I needed they were there for me offering sage advice and helpful answers as well as celebrating my education along the way.

Mansi Patel

3. Thanks to Renaissance and the IAU College of Medicine I had the opportunity to finish my Medical Study in the USA. I couldn’t have had a better experience than learning directly where I want to work, in US hospitals.

Ashika Swami

When I decided to further my education, I wasn’t sure exactly what type of doctor I wanted to be. Thankfully the Medical Education Consultants at Renaissance gave me the best guidance so I could explore my own ideas and start my own education based on them.

Lubna Pathan

The Medical Education Consultants that worked with me made me feel unique and helped me find my own inner desire to become a doctor. I was especially grateful for the unlimited counseling that helped me get there!

Aayushi Munjpara

4. When I wanted to learn more about the Spartan Health Science University Saint Lucia I turned to Renaissance. They helped me understand everything I wanted to know and offered superb support and services so I could embark on my medical education with great confidence.

Maria Sabbir Shaikh

5. I have had the pleasure to Study MBBS in Spartan Health Science University and am extremely grateful for the services Renaissance provided during the entire process. They helped me with every aspect of my education so I can reach my full potential.

Vaidehi Sunil Akkani

6. I wanted to earn my MD in the USA and found Renaissance was the most helpful when it comes to making my dream of becoming a doctor a reality. From the application process clear through to admissions they have provide me with excellent services that have made my education experience spectacular.

Mirat Ayar

Study MBBS Overseas

Medicine is one of the most respected and rewarding professions

A physician not only enjoys monetary rewards but humanitarian rewards too which are priceless. Doctors are one of the hardest working professionals and also the most highly paid professionals. Most doctors will tell you they can’t imagine doing anything else. Being a doctor is simply who they are and not just what they do.



St. Lucia is a tourist destination. Its considered to be the world’s no. 1 honeymoon destination and world’s no. 5 travel destination.It’s one of the safest places on earth.

The people of St. Lucia are friendly, welcoming, and always willing to help. St. Lucia has one of the lowest crime rates in all of the Caribbean and Vieux Fort is a quiet, small town where there arerarelyany problems with crime. There is also security on-campus during hours of operation. Spartan Health Science University, School of Medicine is located in Vieux Fort which is a quiet town away from chief tourist destinations in St. Lucia and thus away from distractions.



SPARTAN is the only college in St. Lucia that has CAAM-HP accreditation.

Spartan has infused thousands of doctors into USA in the past 36 years since its establishment in 1980. Spartan has got letter of recommendation for approval from New York State Education Department. This is the most prestigious thing for any medical institution. There are only 14 medical colleges that have New York Approval all over the world, that are located outside USA.



So, basically the college has its roots in India. Our students won’t be far away from Indian culture and would definitely feel at home. Indian Vegetarian Food is available very easily.

This is important as students could easily relate to the professors and can approach them if they face any difficulty in studies without any hesitation.



Alumni of Spartan is of more than thousand successful doctors in prominent positions across the globe which helps its graduates with a great sense of pride.

Spartan students undergo Green Book ACGME approved Clinical rotations in USA which makes them more likely to get a residency position (PG) in USA. If the USMLE performance of the students is above average they are more or less certain to get the residency position in USA. Most importantly, their PG or residency in addition to being completely free would enable them to recover all the money they spent on MD degree within a span of 1.5 years while doing their PG. 84% Spartan graduates get residency in USA IN first attempt itself During residency they get a minimum of 50,000 USD PER YEAR After completion of residency in usa they get a compensation of 200,000 to 300,000 USD per year The line where it says recovers in 15 years, its actually 1.5 years

SGA organizes a variety of events for IAU students throughout the year

Each student is assigned a faculty advisor at the time of registration. This faculty member is available to students for a variety of needs including academic counseling, support, and guidance throughout the basic science program. Once students move into clinical sciences, they are assigned to a Clinical Faculty as their advisor for the remainder of the MD program. Clinical Advisors as well as the Dean of Clinical Sciences are available to the students to discuss residency options, specialties, and other clinical matters.

There are several healthcare providers in the Vieux Fort area for students who require medical attention. Additionally, there is a local hospital in Vieux Fort for emergencies. Students are not required to have medical insurance in St. Lucia, but will be fully responsible for all fees associated with doctor or hospital visits. Typically the cost of medical care in St. Lucia is a fraction of the cost of medical care in the US.

Local currency in St. Lucia is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC$), which has a fixed exchange rate of EC $2.67 = US $1.00. US dollars and major credit cards are widely accepted at most grocery stores and restaurants.

There are several bank branches near the campus. The closest bank is Sociabank which is located directly across the street. Bank of America or Scotiabank customers can use their ATM cards at Scotiabank ATMs with no service charges. This is the best option for banking in St. Lucia and will reduce the amount of cash you need to bring with you.

Local fare in St. Lucia includes fish, chicken, beef, rice, plantains, potatoes, breadfruit, and othervegetables. St. Lucia also offers a wide variety of international cuisine including Caribbean, Indian, South Indian, Italian, American, Chinese, Creole, Vegetarian and Fast Food. There are several restaurants near the University where students can go for lunch or dinner. Many local restaurants also deliver to the campus or to student housing.

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Dr. Ishan Mehta

He is an astute businessman and his vision has been a pillar of strength for Renaissance Education.

Mr. Amit Gupta

He has been the admission officer of Pacific Dental College, Udaipur, Rajasthan from 2004 to 2012.

Mr. Akash Dabhi

Dr. Mehta is well renowned for his unique, unbiased and clear insights as a leading medical counsellor.

Mr. Kunal Khanchandani

He was earlier a partner in Om Education Consultancy and has recently merged his share in Renaissance Education.

Mr. Prayagraj Nimbark

He was earlier a partner in Om Education Consultancy and has recently merged his share in Renaissance Education.

Renaissance Education offers the following services for students aspiring to pursue their medical dreams from Spartan Health Science University, School of Medicine

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White Coat Ceremony

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Renaissance Education

Experienced Medical Education Consultants


Individuals who are preparing to become doctors often struggle with trying to find the ideal location for their medical education. At Renaissance Education, we provide the guidance prospective medical students need to help them make the right choices and move toward their goal of becoming a medical professional dedicated to helping individuals live a healthier lifestyle. When students want to study MBBS at Spartan Health Science University, we are ready to help.

Spartan Health Science University in Saint Lucia

We are teamed up with this school to help provide medical study in the USA. We understand choosing the right medical schools in America can be a complex task, filled with uncertainty as to which schools will produce the best education possible. We make it easy to study for your MBBS overseas at the St. Lucia campus, giving you the same level of education you would receive in the United States mainland in a beautiful environment.

We Help with All Aspects of Preparation

Our medical education consultants work directly with students to help them prepare to study their MBBS in Saint Lucia. This includes making sure your paperwork and application is filled out properly, as well as help prepare your passport and other required documentation. In addition to these services, we also counsel prospective students and provide valuable information on student life and other aspects of attending medical school in St. Lucia.

Contact us today to find out more about the programs we offer so you can study your MBBS overseas.